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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 12th, 2019) – Nashville based artist,  Zach Smith releases a brand new podcast, Under The Sun available on all streaming platforms. 

Zach Smith and Mason Garrison have turned their 14+ year friendship into a new business venture. The two met at eight years old in Cincinnati, Ohio and built a friendship over similar interests in sports, music, video games, movies and a shared outlook on life.

Smith, who goes by Z. Smith, is currently living in Nashville chasing after a career in Hip-Hip music. Mason, a student-athlete, attends the University of Cincinnati and is pursuing a degree in Sports Administration. Now, even though they are 272 miles apart, their shared perspective on the world keeps them talking on a daily basis.

Under The Sun which premieres each Friday and dives into the pitfalls of social media, nostalgia, the death/rebirth of Rock N’ Roll, and the sounds of their own voices. Witness the first stop of rain that has not only gone off the rails but never had any, to begin with!

Tune in each Friday to hear what these boys are up to on their latest episode. You can find them on Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcher, and Tune In.  


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 21st, 2019) - Nashville-based artist, Z.SMITHreleases new single Sorta Kinda Famous featuring Brittany Bishop available on all streaming platforms. 

Hailing from the West Side of Cincinnati, OH, Hip – Hop/Rap artist Z.SMITH currently pursues a career in Nashville, TN. Since his release of “Ready Up” last month, Z.SMITH found himself gaining more followers and listeners, both things he had never experienced in his career before. 

"Sorta Kinda Famous is a fun and bouncy expression of this newfound publicity and the almost, maybe-sorta (not really), fame that is starting to emerge,” explains Smith. "After I wrote my verses and the hook, you could tell it needed something extra to put it over the top and that’s when we reached out to Brittany. Bishop adds a new flavor to this single with a sexy verse and memorable hook that is sure to bring you back for more.

You can keep up with Z.Smith by visiting http://www.zsmithmusic.com and connecting on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.



NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 5th, 2018) - Nashville-based Hip-Hop artist Z.SMITH has signed on with Longarrow Publicity for exclusive PR representation. 

"After my first conversation with Trevor, I felt like he would be a great asset to work with," states Z.SMITH. "He was on the same page with the type of coverage I'm looking for in the media, and most importantly, he believes in me as an artist. You don't find that often enough to let it go."

"The decision to sign with Longarrow Publicity seemed simple for two reasons: the readiness and expertise in the music industry," states manger Nicholas Brems. "Trevor has made himself accessible to Z. from the start and we look forward to building a strong foundation together."

Longarrow Publicity is a Nashville-based publicity firm specializing in outreach for musicians, live events, and other corporations. "I am so proud to represent Z.SMITH and showcase his music across the world," stated Longarrow founder Trevor Perkins. "In the crazy world we live in, it's so important to be unique and share a positive message on their platforms."

You can learn more about Z.SMITH by visiting http://www.zsmithmusic.com and connecting on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


NASHVILLE, TENN. (October 24, 2018) - Hip-Hop Artist Z.SMITH officially released his newest single, "Ready Up" featuring Meggie York. The newest release is available on Spotify and iTunes. 

"When I first heard it the instrumental, it gave me a burst of energy and a feeling of happiness I hadn’t had in a long time when it came to making music. I started to reflect on how my music career had been going, and even though I haven’t made a big impact in this industry, I have come a very long way since I first started about five or six years ago." explains Z.SMITH. "That was the mindset behind the song in its entirety, and something I think others can relate to on a very personal level, especially those in my generation. Everyone has a dream of doing something, big or small, and the happiness that comes from pursuing your goals can come at such rare times, but it is something that can propel you forward when you feel at your lowest. It’s a feeling that I really think we captured in this song and I’ve fallen in love with every part of it."

Coming from the West Side of Cincinnati, OH, Hip-Hop/Rap Artist Z. SMITH currently pursues a career of bringing Hip-Hop music to the surface of the Music City that is Nashville, TN. Priding himself in his lyrical ability/quality, Z. SMITH focuses heavily on the messages and storytelling within his music.

You can learn more about Z.SMITH by visiting http://www.zsmithmusic.com and connecting on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.